Up lit by the luminescent glow of his ipad and controlling every aspect of the sound, lights, and model exits,Tom Ford has presented his Spring 2013 Women’s collection to his now famous visually sequestered seasonal gathering of press and top clients. This season’s theme, “Chastity and Perversity” seemed to probe deeper into the psyche of the designer more than any previous collection. Within its complex web of 60’s, Tura Satana inspired ultra skinny PVC pencil skirts and swing cropped jackets, diaphanous silk gowns, harnessed evening pieces, and warrior-like chainmail dresses, Tom Ford created a dialogue of contrasts that highlights the vixenishness and virtue of contemporary and commercial culture. The ever-charming, ever seductive suited and booted Ford has cast yet another glamour to enchant the fashion-faithful with a sporty use of sheer track suits, silk hoodies, and a penchant for zipper details which Ford describes as being ” very convenient”. Yet, as with every Tom Ford women’s collection, the pinnacles of the presentation were his masterfully cut evening gowns and highly engineered accessories that have become not only avatars of modernity in design, but an incarnation of his talents as a trained architect as well: Shin-guard enhanced boots, patent leather bags, leather bound stilettos, jolts of vibrant cobalt and the paleness of nude straps all culminating to create a palette of sublime contradiction. Speaking with Grazia Daily, Tom Ford stated, ” If you look too chaste, too buttoned up, you will always look a little dull, but if you go all-out sexy it can look perverse. This collection is about finding balance.” Moody, intense, and ravishingly sexy, the Spring 2013 women’s collection is the perfect embodiment of Mr. Ford’s version of contemporary and modern elegance which falls fast on the heels of his latest Signature Blends fragrance release Tom Ford Noir....

The bold is my emphasis.. . .perfect statement.  I always fall in the "too buttoned up. . .a little dull" realm.  Time for a metamorphosis!

Review by Carine Roitfeld on her tumblr.  

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