Kristin Reiter

A year ago today after a brief chat with Kristin Reiter (Bleach of my blog, Whtpaper was born. What a better way to celebrate than getting to know Kristin better

What inspires you?
I've been at Nike too long, because my answer would be innovation. What I mean by innovation is constantly challenging convention. Life is constantly evolving, so why should our thoughts be bound by rules of the past? I find it inspiring when people take the time to evolve an idea. ANY idea.

You blog about many topics, what is your true passion and why?
Fuck this is a hard question. I'm actually trying to figure that out myself. My work tends to bleed into so many different mediums. I used to think of myself as a designer that evolved into an engineer. . .Although I question that statement now. But I guess I'm OK with the grey area of being nebulous in my life. Definition has boundaries that I'm not into. . .Plus I get claustrophobic.

What Fall trends are you looking forward to?
I really love the head to toe confident red. VERY into Tom Ford again. I've got a pair of shoes I'm DYING over from him. They're terribly impractical but so sexy. I'll probably end up wearing them around the house, lol.

You talk about traveling to the moon - why?
I had a wonderfully crazy drawing professor that preached the power of having a destination in your life's work. Something that you'll never understand and that is an absolute pure stream of inspiration. What fun is something you understand and is tangible? Maybe space and/or the moon is that for me.

What is your current obsession?
I sound like such an academic tool in this interview, but my obsession is obsession itself and it's positive effects on productivity. I think it's fascinating what the mind can do with such fixation. I care less about the object of fixation itself because it's generally fleeting, but the ability to keep replicating that chemical response is naturally genius. FUCK YEA.

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