Jason Last

I recently traded e-mails with Jason Last. He is an incredible talent who blends motion picture and sound into an unforgettable, powerful journey. That is why I love his work so much!

Film or video?

Video. I don't know much about film or film editing. I love the immediacy of video. It's how I learned.

Black & white or color?

I usually work in color but am now discovering the strength of B&W and it's timelessness. I'm open to both and will always work in both.

Long or short?

Short and sweet. I am a huge fan of durational video work and performance art and things like Warhol's Empire or Barney's Cremaster... but most of my work I tend to keep it within an online attention span range. Depends what the work is for. If it is gallery work or installation or feature film, then I never think about the length.

Edit or shoot?

I love the energy that exists on a shoot. The team; ideas being thrown around and executed. I also love to edit. It's very personal for me. I think of it like painting. I have all my tools and I make something. A lot of my ideas/creativity comes out in my editing. It's tedious and rewarding.

On location or sound stage?

It really depends on the concept. Location makes footage that much more dynamic and in some way creates more of a narrative. Studio is more controlled. But really depends on the concept. I'm happy either way. As long as it's not cold.

Breakfast burrito or continental?


Who are your top 3 all-time favorite directors?

That's a difficult one..Influentially.... Matthew Barney, Warhol, Pedro Almodovar, Lars Von Trier, Chris Cunningham, Nick Knight.

So Many More!

Check out more of Jason's work HERE.

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