Chris Reed

Here is another creative friend of whose work I have always been curious.

1. What inspires you?

Good question, I am not really inspired by politics but that wasn't the question was it. I would have to say that I enjoy music, skateboarding, surfing, photography and even will watch a TV show (whether good or bad) or two. I get inspired by watching my friends and family make and create objects. Right now I am like Axel Rose when he took his 5 year hiatus before Chinese Democracy came out. I haven't made time to paint because my life has become busy with things but that's going to change. People lost there mind when Chinese Democracy came out and that's how they will feel when I reveal the next stage. Speaking of inspiration....that band Oranssi Pazuzu is my favorite right now. I was in China a couple weeks back and listened to them non stop.

2. How did painting become your medium?

That's another good question. I really don't know. I never have taken a painting class but did do ceramics in High School. I did take a drawing class once as well. I always have like to draw and make crud. My grandmother (RIP) painted a ton and think I got some of her talent for sure. She painted awesome. We would get paintings from her every Christmas and Birthdays and I used to be so stoked on the paintings and now that I look at them, she really was good and getting presents like that is the best. I need to start doing that but I am lazy too so I probably won't. I also had some real creative friends when I was in High School, College as well as way after that... and want to thank them for being my friends and inspiring me to pick up a paint brush. Maybe soon I will try my hand at oil painting....right now I am sticking to the easy stuff and using acrylic.

3. How do you choose who you will feature in your paintings (the famous faces)?

I mostly paint people I know or friends, that is lately. I have done some other random famous people but usually they are secondary in the paintings. I try to pick people to paint that are either part of pop culture that made a difference in my life or maybe a famous person that fits the main person I am painting. A lot of times its also just random. I am kinda like that. I paint random stuff and like to throw lyrics and knifes into paintings as much as possible. So to answer the question, each portrait or person that is picked just fits....sometimes it really hard to find the right partner in crime but usually it works perfectly. I just try to paint something so that when I walk away or take a step back...the painting makes me smile. I guess that's why most people paint or create art. They want to be happy.

I'll check back in with Chris when he comes out of hiatus and blows us all away!
(paintings: John Martin, Olsen-Twins 1, I Love Elliott Smith)

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